Calming an anxious mind

Today I decided I wanted to write down how I’m feeling and share it as I think (I hope) it could help some of you. Plus my favourite kinda posts to write are these ones where I just write alll the feelings/things on my mind.

I think being anxious is quite a common thing that a lot of us have to deal with, yet it’s still a subject that people can’t openly talk about. It doesn’t get taken seriously. This only makes the problem worse as you can be made to feel ashamed of having anxiety. I know there are only a few select people that I would feel comfortable talking about it to without feeling judged.

It’s something that has been whizzing around my thoughts for a few months now, trying to work out WHY am I this way? Constantly comparing myself to other people, wondering how they can do the things that I worry so much about, without a slight hesitation. Oh how I’d love to just make spontaneous plans without dissecting every single detail and analysing every little thing that could go wrong.

The worst part for me, is making plans and being SO exited for them, then the day finally comes around and I can’t think of anything worse than doing whatever it is that I’ve planned and having to cancel. Then I instantly regret it and this makes me feel even worse. There is nothing worse you can say to an anxious person than ‘don’t worry’ or ‘stop worrying’ that’s the problem! You can’t just stop.

Anyway, there are a few little things that help me and I’d like to share them with you (some of them may sound obvious):

BREATHE- seriously, everyone says it but it’s a biggy.

Call someone who understands and just tell them you need to chat, about anything! The weather, sausuage dogs, what you’re having for tea tonight. Just whatever takes your mind off it.

Get out of the situation. Whatever it is, you need to get away when possible. Even if it’s just going to the toilet to take a breather and calm yourself down, you can return whenever you need to.

Cry, if you need to cry. Don’t hold the tears in because this is just going to make it ten times worse.

All the Pinterest positivity quotes. Binge on them. Literally just keep going and take it all in, sometimes this really helps change my mood massively.

Challenge yourself. Do that thing that you really don’t wanna do. Even though all you can think of is a million reasons not to, just do it.


If you have any tips on coping with anxiety I would really love to hear them! I hope you found this helpful.

Beth x


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