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Olaplex Treatment at HOB Salons Leeds

So recently I was luck enough to be invited to HOB salons in Leeds for an olaplex treatment and a blow dry. And my hair was definitely in desperate need!

Olaplex was one of those things that I always heard about but never really thought ablout having done but it is so beneficial to your hair. It contains an active ingredient which works to repair broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical damage.

So my experience was so lovely in the salon, all of the staff were super welcoming and friendly. The loveliest lady called Emma did the treatment for me. So it was really straight forward and didn’t take long at all. Emma applied the treatment to my hair , I believe there were 2 different steps applied. Once the treatment was finished she washed my hair and then blow dried it. We were going for a ‘bouncy blow dry’ but my hair is so soft and doesn’t hold curls very well so she also curled it for me. Once it was finished it looked lovely and bouncy.

So after having the treatment done I noticed such a difference in my hair, especially the next time I washed it without blow drying or styling, it appeared so much smoother and frizz free, amazing! I’m blonde so my hair is pretty damaged and takes a lot to get it soft and smooth.

I would definitely recommend olaplex to anyone who has chemically colour damaged hair. And I think I will for sure do it again! Also would love to go back to the same salon as it was such a nice atmosphere, which is rare in hair salons!

Have any of you tried olaplex? I would love to know what your go to hair treatment is!

Beth x


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