A Look Inside My Spring Makeup Bag

I’ve fallen love with spring! I love everything about it, the beautiful blossms on trees, the sunshine coming out again, easter. All of it. So anyway this inspired me to change my daily face up a bit! I’m even more into highlight, and the dewy look (I didn’t even think that was possible)


I’m still obsessed with my Sleek Solstice highlighting palette (as you can see I’ve seriously hit pan) I had stopped using this briefly then I got it back out and fell in love more than ever before! Seriously, Best. Highlighters. Ever. Also I rediscovered my Urban Decay Afterglow highlighter in ‘Fireball’. I know this is another highlighter (I did say I was into the dewy look) but I’m loving this as a blush! It looks gorgeous combined with the shades in the sleek highlight palette. Then for bronzer, another old fave (emphasis on the old, excuse its state) Nars Laguna! This is just an absolute staple and you can’t go wrong with this.


LA girl HD Smoothing primer has slowly but surely become my holy grail! I find it hard to find primers that fill my pores and smooth my skin out without balling up and making my skin look worse. This one just work for me and I love it! LA Girl Pro coverage illuminating foundation has also become my number one foundation! I’ve become one of those people who doesn’t wear foundation on a day to day basis, because I couldn’t find one I liked enough and I hated the way most foundations made my skin look, most of them make my skin look cakey and just not like skin (if that makes sense), I tried so many different ones and different ways of applying them/setting them, so I just gave up! But then this gem popped up out of nowhere and it just works so well with my skin! So I found this Essence camouflage full coverage concealer when I was browsing in Wilko (as you do) and I haven’t stopped using it since, finally a concealer that doesn’t crease! Yas! Need I say more? Another LA Girl Product? Yes, I’ve been loving the white concealer to really lighten up my under eyes mixed with the essence concealer, I just love that look for spring! Finally, I have an obsession with setting sprays, I just love the way they change your makeup! This Milani one is perfect, it really does make my makeup last and it makes me skin SO dewy!

Eyes & Brows

Still can’t get enough of my Violet Voss Holy Grail palette, I’m loving the shade ‘So Jelly’ for spring it’s beautiful! I feel like this palette just has every shade I ever need in it. I’ve just realised I use a LOT of Essence products! I’ve used this maximum definition mascara for a while, I just tend to stick to one mascara as I wear false lashes a lot so this just does the job and it’s cheap! I also picked up with Essence brow stylist set because I just generally use a brown eyeshadow from a palette for my brows so I thought it was abiut time I picked up something smaller! I’ve been using this MUA Brow define gel to set my bows, again, cheap and cheerful! I’m not fussy with brow gel as long as the colour’s good and it does the job!

I’ve realised a lot of this is affordable makeup, which is always good! I would love to know what products you’re loving for spring! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

Beth x




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